Back from surgery…


….as you may have guessed from the previous post.

 I just wasn’t sure if I could last out a longer one at the time ya’ know what I mean?

Hopefully not.

I believe I had mentioned one or two times (at the least) that I wasn’t going to go near another VA facility until my day of surgery (since they’d already found three so far as it was) but unfortunately, I apparently hadn’t considered having to see the surgeon who was actually going to be performing said operation first before the actual surgery could occur.

Alright…so it should have been an obvious conclusion. So I was preoccupied at the time maybe?

So I saw the man and yes(!) he found yet another hernia lurking behind my naval (the dirty little bugger!).

Ooookay…so it was a grand total of four that needed to be repaired. Heck, I could handle that as long as the doc could so after repeating the answers to a few dozen questions to a dozen or so different medical type people and playing lawyer by successfully arguing that an “anomaly” in my EKG should not be grounds for canceling the operation…the go-ahead was given. The next morning I wound up in a bed in the Ambulatory Surgery unit awaiting my turn for surgery (I was second in line). Once in surgery and after a few minutes of joking back and forth about Things Best Left Unmentioned, they plugged the General Anesthesia into the IV port (in my arm) and I…..was…….gon—–!



Then I was BACK!!

Oh boy(!!!) was I back and my poor belly felt like it had been…well, never mind what it felt like but it was nothing that a large syringe of morphine shoved into that same IV port that was stuck in my arm didn’t cure.

To make a long story short and after a rather annoying night, I left Friday afternoon from Boston to WRJ VA in Vermont after resolving a stubborn bladder issue by inserting Something Temporary into Somewhere Personal which will be removed in a week they tell me (this particular organ tends to shut down after this type of surgery supposedly). Upon arrival I checked into lodging, passed out shortly thereafter and was awoken an hour later by two VA personnel telling me that my ride (my honey actually) was here.

By the next morning I had switched from the nasty pain reliever they had given me (narcotic) to plain old Ibuprofen. This switch was prompted by two separate BBE‘s (Bad Bathroom Experiences) and things have been healing nicely since then.

But I will definitely be glad when the Something Temporary that was inserted into Somewhere Personal is removed I can tell you that much!


Good to be back though.



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