A backyard stroll

We have a backyard. This statement isn’t exactly what you might call an eye-opener but since I have been cooped up in the house for the last four and a half days and since the sun deemed us meager human types the honor of showing itself this afternoon, I decided to haul my convalescing rear end outside and see if I could possibly scare the neighbors.

I also took my camera.

And I actually took a few pictures with it…of things that the sun (which hasn’t shown it’s face since my return) was shining upon.

Now I’m going to post them here simply because I can.* 

*Thank the powers that be that I can still appreciate technology for what it is and still occasionally think (to myself) that some things are still “neat”.

 and so…

 The backyard is separated into a smaller front and a larger back by a  stretch of “mini-wilderness” approximately 30 ft long and 4 feet wide. Inside this small urban jungle lies several different types of bushes, baby trees, weeds, ferns and flowers (including 3 tulips) and all this is watched over by a huge, old silver maple which has been around for who knows how long. This is a picture of one of the flowering types that live there.


Now in the larger back portion of the backyard, along the edge of the bank (that drops steeply down through a tangle of old brush and thickly entangled growth to the railroad tracks) is an ancient Lilac tree about three thousand years old that I rescued from the creepers  and vines that had engulfed the poor thing (it lived by the way). Surrounding this old timer is a small sea of what we can only describe as mutant sunflowers. Running about five to six feet tall and having a blossom of only 4 to 5 inches in diameter with a center that actually resembles a tiny version of the center of a real sunflower. Very pretty but I don’t think I’ll try roasting up the seeds. Even if you could find them they’d probably get stuck in your cavities anyway so I’ll just let them stay where they are.


The other major occupant of the “Back-Forty” is this old relic form the long past:

Now this, under all the &##!!@ burdock that I cut down twice already, is HUGE(!) old stump of what was once a HUGE(!) old willow tree. It is also the home of a rather large skunk (and yes…we call him Flower).

This stump looked long dead and gone when we moved here last year, even after I had cleaned off all the growth but low and behold, just before I fired up the old whacker to lop away this season’s first crop of burdock, we discovered that the old timer wasn’t so dead and gone after all. If you look close at the larger image of the above picture you might see it but in case you don’t…

Now what do you know? There’s still life in the old man yet. There was a shoot of young willow coming out of the bottom of the old stump just above ground level.

I had to smile. It was nice to know that there’s always life waiting to spring anew even if it just might be caused by two people sitting on old stump and saying what a beautiful tree it must have been and how sorry we were that it was gone (or at least it’s nice to think that way). I guess it just had to show us a thing or two.

No complaints here.


Anyway, that was my “big adventure” for today (as it were) and tomorrow my honey is carting me down to the VA in White River so I can have the Something Temporary that was inserted Somewhere Personal removed. I can’t wait.


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