Second stained glass panel

My “Long Meadow Farm” lady recently completed her second stained glass panel from an idea she had just a few days before (she thinks of something and a few days later it’s done…amazing). Just like when she makes her quilts, she saves all the left over pieces that she believes are viable and uses them later on in yet another completely different creation and although the creation may not be made up of all the left overs, a good amount of them end up being sewn, or soldered in this case, into the final product.

This time I believe it was just one long rectangular piece that actually gave her the idea but I could be wrong. She’s the one with the talent and as far as I’m concerned, when it comes to being an artist it’s a good thing I know how to run a table saw.

The camera doesn’t do it justice.

Another beautiful piece from Long Meadow Farms quilts.

Now if we can only figure out how to ship all these stained glass items without having them break on the way.

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