No I didn’t win the lottery.

But the Something Temporary that was inserted into Somewhere Personal has been removed! Now if that ain’t some kind of restored freedom then I don’t know what is and I’m happy to report that all associated machinery is back online and running at nominal parameters (in other words…well, never mind).

Today the sun is shining and the temp is supposed to get up into the high 70’s so I’ve decided to take my first foray out into the big, wide world today and run down to the store. On second thought, perhaps I’ll drive instead. I wasn’t supposed to for the first few days after surgery but I think I can make it about a half mile down the the road alright.

The only bad part about having a warm day is that I’m still having to wear sweats, which is the only “loose” type clothing I have at the moment. I attempted to put on a pair of jeans yesterday which I managed to stay into for all of 5 minutes before I came out of them again. Rather quickly I might add. Not quite ready for prime time I guess.

The time has come, the surgeon said,
to speak of many things.
Of rips and tears, spermatic cords
and hernias and rings.
You have a job I understand,
I’m sure it’s very nice.
But you lifted things that weighed too much
and now you pay the price.
So now you’re here and very soon
I’ll have you on my slab.
To poke and slice and sew you up,
so you won’t be quite as bad.
But listen close and understand,
Don’t lift or sneeze or cough.
‘Cause rework ain’t my favorite gig…
 I might lop your thingy off.


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