Rearranging and trackbacks

For anyone who happens to stop by the blog and wonders why the looks have changed and changed again…I’m just rearranging the blog a bit.

I started out this AM looking for a theme that gave anyone who wanted a trackback url, could find it easily such as above the comments field or above the actual post. Alas, it was to no avail. For one, I don’t know diddly about trackbacks except that it’s a way for bloggers to mention other blog articles in their post and let that particular blogger know that he/she is posting about their blog. I also know that is supposed to scan my posts for links to blog articles and attempt to notify the owner (???).

Then I went spelunking about looking at other blogs and if they did indeed have a trackback url handy and guess what?

Most didn’t.

So my trusted “Andreas04” theme wins out against the mighty forces of’s offerings once again.

Now the problem that I have found in being a “blogger” is that I enjoy writing much better than keeping my blog site tidy and informative, for example:

  • I’m way behind on adding links to the “Sites” category in the sidebar or arranging the sidebars to a more convenient layout to begin with. Something I should have done shortly after I first started.
  • Start reading and finding out about the “how to’s” and “what’s this do?” and “how do I to this?” and all the options and things available that offers to one of their many bloggers ie: Maybe I should know what I’m doing?
  • Okay, that’s enough. There’s plenty more but let’s start there.

So I’m going to be arranging the sidebars more to my liking. If things tend to look a bit funky and broken, I’ll get things straightened out eventually.

I hope. :b

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