A bit of stained glass

I’m always amazed how much my lady can accomplish in just a relatively short period of time. Once she tunes in on something she wants to do, stand back and watch things happen and so it has been with her new addition of stained glass items to her Long Meadow Farms quilt shop and website.

I was planning on throwing some more pics of her newest creations here but I realized it would be all that easier (and efficient) just to add a link to her new stained glass page she added to her Long Meadow Farms website (must be gettin’ lazy in my old age or smarter. I can’t tell).

More quilts have been coming out of her workshop as well. How she does all these things and maintains the high standards and quality that she insists upon is beyond me but, I swear, she makes it look easy, but I’ve been around long enough to know that there’s a lot of effort put forth.

The only drawback of all her hard work is that the host for her website keeps complaining that she’s using up too much space with all her images and needs to upgrade to her storage.

Well, someone always has to complain don’t they?

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