Autumn and I’m not ready

Autumn is making it’s way to the Kingdom and already the leaves are beginning to turn color and the wind has a touch of impending frost upon it’s breath. The late blooming flowers are in their full regalia and the sunflowers are nodding their acquaintance to the sun as it travels across the sky. Above, leaves are once again leaping from the trees to bounce and float in the breeze on their way to the ground where they will swirl and dance among monster’s, ghost’s and faerie’s feet as they travel from home to home begging candy and treats.

School’s back in session and  yellow beasts again prowl the streets in the early morning sunshine and the afternoon rain. All too soon will they don chains upon their feet as the rain turns to snow and the roads turn slippery but not yet for the green is still upon the trees and the grass will probably need a trim or two yet but no more than that.

So out come the light jackets and the rumbling around the closets to find the heavy jackets and coats that were put away when spring had finally pushed old man winter out the door one more time a very short (or so it seems) summer ago.

It causes me to wonder if I’m ready yet to not be able to walk outside with what I have on but instead, have to take the time to throw a heavy jacket on my back, throw a scarf around my neck and don gloves that make my fingers stiff and clumsy. But it’s late and I’m tired and there is still much to do so life may not look quite as wonderful as it really is. It happens sometimes.

And so to the rain locker I go to care for things the good surgeon says I should take care of and then to a warm bed and rest (perchance to dream?).

‘night all….

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