Firefox 2 theme updated

Which fox to use I say.

I have a number of foxes that reside on my desktop these days. Somehow I just can’t get away from my past of which beta testing was one of my favorite things to do. I no longer do that type of testing professionally but there are more than enough ways to satisfy my craving that exist in the good ol’ virtual world and one of them is the up and coming Firefox 2 release (sometime in October I believe).

Hence my different foxes.

Along with the current release I also have Firefox 2 beta 2 set as my default browser and the latest Bon Echo 2 beta 2 nightlies as well for keeping tabs on new developments in the browser on a daily basis each one with it’s own separate profile. Having the “nightlies” on board allows me the enjoyment of watching my current FX2 B2 extensions and themes work and not work, send feedback, get updated and work again, then Bon echo is updated the next day and things may work or not work again etc, etc. Such fun.

While banging around the Internet this am after installing the latest nightly update into Bon Echo I noticed something different about the highly complained about, not-so-great-looking default theme for FX2 (FX means Firefox). It looked better! Actually it looks a lot like the MacFox theme that is available on the Mozilla add-on site.

Now, I don’t really know how long this new theme has been part of the Bon Echo 2 nightlies since I have been running a different theme (I didn’t like the new default theme either) but this new update is a very acceptable change for the better so I thought I would do a couple of “snippets” and show you the difference.

Original theme

Original FX2 theme.jpg

Updated Theme

Updated FX2 theme.jpg

Now, if they’ll only put my Email button back in (!!), I’ll be happy.

Now of course, for those of you who are using IE, thias post is completely redundent.

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