Convalescing: Idleness is next to…uhh…

I’m beginning to realize that convalescing is equal to brain death hence my lack of finding interesting items  to post. I fairly certain that I’ve already lost at least 45% of my mind’s working capaciti cpasity copacitee capacity.

See what I mean?

 OK, maybe not that bad but being stuck in the house with the restrictions of absolutely no lifting tends to massively whittle down the list of interesting and productive things to do.

Like all of them.

I actually managed to empty the various trash cans we have about the house and even put in a load of laundry. The problem lies in the fact that trash wise, once I add the big bag of kitchen trash I have exceeded the weight limit that I’m allowed to pick up and carry so carting said trash outside to our little trash dumpster was right out. Same with the laundry. I can take the unwashed heathen clothes down to the cellar and load them into the washer and once clean, I can even haul the clothes out again (one piece at a time mind you) and put them back into the clothes basket.

Then I can look at the clothes basket with the wet clothes inside.

And then I can look some more.

Sorry, the left over moisture from the washing has just, once again, exceeded the imposed weight limit I’m allowed to lift (##@@$%!!).

The author apologizes for swearing and won’t do it again on pain of being sacked.

I think the current weight I am actually allowed to lift is somewhere around the neighborhood of a large dehydrated grasshopper. As you might have guessed from the above remarks…it’s becoming extremely(!) frustrating.

And so…I believe I shall attempt to water the rest of the plants that I did not do yesterday. Usually, I can get all 104 or so done in about 30 minutes. However, under my current limitations, attempting to satisfy the thirst of that many plants using nothing but a couple of thimbles or perhaps one half of a plastic egg to cart the water in just adds hours to the process as you might guess.

Or perhaps I overstate a bit.

Either way, I can’t wait to get back to “normal” and back to work and back to feeling useful once again.

Have a healthy day!

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