A dream come true

Like many others, I’ve been closely following Anousheh Ansari’s blog that she has been writing starting with her training as an astronaut, her journey to the ISS and now during her nine day stay at the station where she is conducting testis and doing routine maintenace and operations. Not exactly living up to the definition of “space tourist” she is a working member of crew during her time there and during the flights to and from the space station.

In case you’re wondering about or if the name Ansari rings a bell, she and her family are the title sponsors of the “Ansari X-prize” that was won 2 years ago when SpaceShipOne flew to the edges of space and back in the first private endeavor to build and fly a privately funded spacecraft to near orbit and land successfully and do it more than once in a given time period.

This woman is currently living the peak of her dream with her flight to the International Space Station after long years of hard work and study. A pioneer and entrepreneur in the truest sense of the word and obviously very well thought of to boot which, unfortunately, seems to becoming a rare thing these days. Since there is so much interesting info on this woman and her endeavors, I’ll let you folks hit the links above and find out for yourself.

I recommend checking out her Flickr photos some of which she has taken during her stay on the ISS.

May the younger folks out there pay heed to this amazing women and perhaps follow in her footsteps to their own dream someday.



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