Long meadow Farms Quilts website temporarily down

Wouldn’t ya’ know.

Just at the start of the holiday season, our local ISP that hosts Laurie’s website, www.longmeadowfarms.com, suffered fire, smoke and water damage when the building next door burnt to the ground taking the server with her website along with it.

They have since replaced all their hosted websites with a default “This site is temporarily down” page and hopefully will have the sites (including Long Meadow Farms Quilts) back up and running by Monday the 9th or Tuesday the 10th at the latest when they get the new server rebuild completed. Before then we’ll try to have a better replacement page along with current info as to the “back online” status as soon as we can get an FTP client configured correctly.

We still have to find out if they are going to enable Frontpage extensions on the new server yet. This is a sticking point with us since she uses MS FrontPage to maintain and update her website.

Ah well,  all is not always smooth in the world of online business.

We’ll keep any of her customers that stop by here trying to find out what happened up to date as we get new info on the situation.

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