What about the new theme?

Just a quick request here (it’s getting late) for any opinions regarding this new theme.

I know there’s a few of you that stop by once in awhile, so if you be kind enough, please leave a comment on how you like/despise/don’t care one way or another etc about the new layout.

I’m still not quite sure yet.

Thanks all and goodnight

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3 thoughts on “What about the new theme?

  1. Hey TIC,

    Sorry for the delay…recovery from surgery and all that.

    The theme was a new one that showed up in the “Presentation” section of WordPress.com’s admin section that all hosted WP blog authors can use. This one was called “Cutline” I believe and although I thought it might work out, I found that it just really didn’t fit in with what the blog was all about (whatever that is) so I changed it back to the original Andreas04 theme I was previously using.

    Unfortunately the themes are set and although I could buy “credits” that allow me to change the CSS styles of my theme, I am not good with code and don’t currently have any desire to become that way:-)

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