New Englanders always know how to have fun.

One thing about living anywhere in northern New England, you have to find ways to offset the usual hardships of living and working in such a rugged environment. Although the Northernmost states of New England are well known for their scenic beauty no matter what the season (with the exception of mud season perhaps), the natives who live and work here know very well that the land is hard to work and the weather can turn on you at a moment’s notice along with all the other things that can make living in the northern territories, very often, just plain ol’ back busting work. But it’s rewards are just as great for those with the right outlook and appreciation of life. Hence the local, time honored events that take place on a regular basis to balance out all the wonderful things that land and sky and life in general can throw at you when you least expect it. Which it usually does on a regular basis.

Like this for instance:

You think she's done this before?

Flying skillet
Allmuth “Curly” Perzel gives it all she’s got in the Skillet Throw at the Fryeburg Fair in Maine on Monday. Perzel won first prize in the 65 and older age group with a toss of 40 feet 2 inches.

(AP photo by Jamie Gemmiti)

Oct 3, 2006

You just gotta know how to have fun!


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