Bits and Bytes

Just some short observations after reading this weeks PC/software news.

On patch Tuesday: Record number of patches for XP. Over 2 dozen I believe split between the various parts of the Windows OS and MS office 2002 and XP and 1 for .net framework. The Windows bashers are having a heyday this week however…

Think about this:

Why in the world would anybody want to hack their way into or endeavor to infect an OS that has less than 5% of the market share (MAC OSX, Linux etc)? What’s the point? (No offense here…just  making a case)

These type of people either do it for kicks, are just plain old troublemakers or have some fanatical point to make. If I wanted to cause trouble, I would most assuredly hit the OS that had the majority of the market share in other words, the one that everybody uses be it personnel or business. If I was theoretically out for blood I certainly wouldn’t waste my time and talent on the small players.

If it were the other the other way around and say MAC’s carried the world’s weight around and Windows users were the minority, guess which OS would be “full of holes” then?

Plain and simple.

Google pays 1.67 billion for YouTube:

Well, looks like the guys at Google needed to get rid of some more of their massive profits πŸ™‚ And  Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Jawed Karim (along with others) are now 1.67 billion dollars richer and in the Google tradition (most of the time anyway) YouTube will continue to operate as an independent company run by it’s current 67 employees and co-founders.

So how did this go down I wonder? Something like this:

Google: “So here’s the deal guys…You let us buy your company for tons and mountains of dough but you can still keep it, okay?.”

YouTube: “Uh…Okay.”

Not bad for three ex-PayPal employees I don’t think. And for a company less than a year old from their debut date no less. I should be so lucky.

Microsoft gained it’s current position by forcing out the competition and stepping all over them. Google is currently working to gain the same type of position by offering huge amounts of $$$ in offers to “little guy” sites that they think is a good idea. And then they give all these ideas and more back to the public with their various services, information and software.

Am I missing something here?

Hmmph! Works for me and I think I like their style over MS’s.

We shall see.

Windows Vista:

Hmmm…050/50 chance here. A winner or the death knell for Microsoft and the Windows OS?

Only time will tell. Just don’t be too ready to lose that OEM copy of XP you have.

And last but not least…

Windows Live OneCare 1.5 beta (XP and Vista):

Just another Antivirus/spyware/firewall/ internet security suite…this time from MS itself. It works, it doesn’t bother you with trivial matters and doesn’t hog your resources either. Set it, let it keep itself updated and forget it.

The difference from all the others? Lowest yearly subscription price (so far), runs basic Windows maintenance automatic routines that most users don’t bother with or know about in the first place (defrag, clearing out old data, temp files etc) plus full back up capabilities. Actually pretty good stuff.

A “set it and forget it” Internet security suite…it works.

Now if MS really wanted to set the world on it’s butt…give the program and it’s subscription free of charge. They can afford it and with the promised street prices for the various offerings of Windows Vista, I think they should give it some serious consideration.

Ah what the heck, they’d probably be hauled up on the Green Carpet for unfair practices or something.

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3 thoughts on “Bits and Bytes

  1. One other good reason not to attack Linux with a virus…you usually only install Linux if you know what you are doing, so a virus-maker would be attacking the very people who could take him out.

    Easier to hit someone you think won’t hit you back.

    As for Google, they’re real big now. Will be interesting to see if they can keep their mojo.

    Glad to have you back!

  2. There is a weirdness about the Google/YouTube deal. It was reported on the BBC the other day. Google are not actually giving YouTube any money for the company. I think they are giving YouTube 1% of google shares instead.

  3. -Hi Dan,

    I agree with your Linux assessment. These *.nixers really have to know what they’re doing to operate and maintain a Linux install however, I still have to say that if Linux ever turned into a main stream OS (even a third of the current market) that the attackers would turn there attention towards it just like they’ve begun to turn their attention towards Firefox lately. Not too successfully yet, but the eye is definitely upon the fox πŸ˜›

    And like any business, the bigger you get, the harder it is stay personal, innovate and to push forward. Again, I agree with you…it’s going to be interesting to see how much longer Google can maintain it’s current stride before it starts “getting winded”.

    -And Hi to you Becs,

    I looked through some past BCC news and couldn’t find exactly the article you were referring to but I have no doubt what you say is true. Makes more sense than paying out “in cash”.

    Here’s even more food for thought…check out this BBC article and especially the “Music tie-ups” section of the article. Seems like the beginning of quite a nice wrap up indeed:

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