An Autumn Sunday

Union Street 1So here we are on October 15th 2006 on a Sunday afternoon and any further denial that the cold weather is indeed on it’s way is a futile endeavor. As you can see from the shot that I took today, it’s definitely looking "past peak" as far as autumn colors are concerned and you can probably feel the chill in the air just by looking at the picture. Oh well, the holiday season is about to begin and that’s always a cheery thought with visits from friends and family and such. Something I’ve begun to look forward to again. I lost the magic there for awhile but it seems to be slowly returning again.


My lady and I cleaned up the last of the "back forty" section of the yard of all the leftovers from putting up the new tarp style "tent" shed that she ordered. I really haven’t had much to do with most of the actual "up-putting" of the thing due to my convalescence but I did manage to get out there Friday evening and help finish it up and load a couple things into it that will free up some badly needed garage space and the shed is bigger than we thought…this is good!
We had to take turns using the (2 car) garage last year due to our friend’s (who is also our landlord) stuff in the other side. He removed his belongings this summer which just left ours and so more storage space was needed hence the tent shed. Works well.

So on that note, I get to park my rig in the garage this winter (Yeah!!) so no more getting out there in the freezing cold and scrapping all the snow and ice off my old Jeep Cherokee at 6:30 in the morning and wondering if the battery has enough juice left in it to start the darn thing after the Polar Express came howling through the night before. Parking in the garage will be a nice thing indeed, yes it will. Now I’m waiting for a couple of paychecks to come in so I can buy badly needed things like new wipers for the Jeep that it’s been needing for the past year (ok, so I’m slow on these things). Might help some.

And yes, I’m back at work finally and my back is definitely feeling it after sitting around for the better part of six weeks but it’s better than what came before. Have yet to see a paycheck but that will be coming next week a paycheck will be very welcome even though it’s only for half my regular hours. Right now, I’m not going to be picky you know what i mean?

I’m hoping this winter turns out to be fairly productive as things tend to slow down some this time of year. Long Meadow Farms Quilt shop has been feeling it. We’re right in between the "Leaf Peepers" and the ski season so sales have been dragging but it was to be expected. Still, it doesn’t make you very happy about things. The Fall colors seem to have come and gone extremely quickly up in these parts so most of the "Leaf Peepers" stayed more to the south of us but who can control the weather? Things will work out, they always do.

Oh, and speaking of Long Meadow Farms…her web site is back up but our local web host has still failed to enable FrontPage extensions on their web server so Laurie still is unable to update her site on a regular basis. If this continues to be the case then we will move the site to another web host. We’re still looking around for likely candidates. The craft sites that she actually sells her quilts (and other offerings) out of she has been updating usually on a nightly basis so no problem there. Fortunes of business and all that.


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