Back again and oh the weather!

Made it back in one piece ok but coming over Sheffield heights (the mountain between St. Johnsbury and Barton, VT) was akin to driving in a shallow, fast moving river, the rain was coming down so hard. The peak of Sheffield Heights is the highest elevation of Interstate 91 at 1856 ft so you’re a bit into the clouds when a storm comes in. They say that when it’s 80 degrees in  the St. Johnsbury valley it can be 35 degrees and snowing on the top of the heights. This is slightly far fetched as you might guess but not that far off from the truth. On the plus side, I have years of being on the road and an old but trusty Jeep Cherokee under my rather skinny bottom that is about as sure footed as any vehicle I’ve ever driven. I plan on keeping it until the body rusts off and I’m driving nothing but a frame.

Now to add fuel to fire as far as tonight’s storm is concerned, looking out the back door it appears that the heavy rain has just turned into big, wet heavy flakes of snow(!) and there is a severe winter weather advisory out for wet, heavy snow through midnight which means snapping tree limbs (most trees still have a good head of leaves on them) and falling power lines.

Yippee-Kay-Yay-Kow-Patty, I just can’t wait. At least it’s not in the dead of winter and zero degrees out as well then the house gets real, cold real fast. Ah, well…such is life in the merry mountains of the Northeast Kingdom. You never quite know what to expect.

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