Morning all

Just a quick entry to let everyone know I’m still here. After my first full week at work, I’ve been completely wiped right out when I get home and I couldn’t crank up enough brain power to write anything. So it goes as they say.

I’m heading down country today to the White River Jct VA for a semi-annual and to drop some transfers from work off at the main store. Quite a guy I am, doing work stuff on my day-off yes I am you betcha’. The area has a severe flood watch out until Saturday morning as well so it might make the 2 hour (one way) trip fairly interesting. Think I’ll bring my camera along.

Not much time for anything else since I want to catch the news before I head out. Eating would be a good thing too since I’m one of those slim type folks that burn up any fodder within an hour and a half and pass out 45 minutes later for lack of sustenance. Well, maybe not that bad but I tend to get a bad headache and somewhat woozy if I don’t keep the furnace well stoked so off to the kitchen I go yo-ho.

Later all…

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