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10 thoughts on “WLW post: Image test

  1. I’m still confused how you inserted the image using WLW to a blogger account. I use WLW for my msn space, the insert picture tool does not work for blogger accts. More information please 🙂

  2. Hello,

    My apologizes. The image in the post is an “image tag” linked to a test post in Windows Live Spaces” (another test blog. I also have yet another test blog at Live Journal)

    Didn’t mean to mislead anyone. Seems strange though. Picassa 2 can upload an image directly to a Blogger.beta blog in fact, that’s how I used to manage images on my old Blogger blog before I moved it to WordPress.com. Upload the image first via Picassa along with a title and then bring it up in my main blog editor and add text and adjust the layout and republish.

    Seems like image uploading should be part of Blogger.beta don’t you think?

  3. Yes I definitely agree it should be part of blogger. I know you have been following the thread on this topic at WLW and the comments from Joe Chen at Microsoft. At this point I’m not sure I will keep the blogger account since the picture feature is important to me. I want to use WLW…with all the functions working.

  4. Hello again,

    Sometimes I find it worth keeping although it may not function as you would like it to (yet). It doesn’t cost you anything and when the function that you want does come along, it saves you the hassle of starting another blog all over again (plus the fact that if you delete the blog and you happen to like the name I don’t believe you can get the same one back again.

    Take me for instance…then again…don’t bother…I’m too much of a pain 🙂
    I have 3 test blogs going now and I think I’ll keep all three and just keep posting to them as I post to my main blog (same post to each blog. I do it mostly for fun anyway and to give me writing practice. That’s me though.

    Have a great day.

    Any more snow?

  5. Sorry for the delay. Been right straight out.

    What Blogger as well as other hosted sites do allow are “Image tags” which is basically inserting an image into your blog post by linking to an image that’s already online such as an image upooaded to Flickr or Photobucket or even one on another blog or website. Any picture any where on the web you can link to and it shows up in your post as long as the picture your linking to stays put.

    For instance, if I wanted to insert a picture that I have on Photobucket into a Blogger post with WLW I would go the the file menu, choose “Picture from file” from the “Insert” drop down menu and add in the url of the image I wanted to insert such as:


    and hit enter. The image will then appear in the post you’re writing.

    In the case of the WLW post to this blog I did the same thing except I linked to an image that resided in my Live Spaces blog post. I did this by going to my blog on Windows Live Spaces and right clicking on the image I wanted to insert into “To Wit”, copied the link location (if you’re using IE you have to right click on the image then select properties and highlight the url address and copy) and performing the above procedure. I didn’t include the url address to the “post from WLW” post you referred to because it’s too long to put in the comment box but it works fine when you “tag” the image into a post.

    Hope this helps

    BTW. Since I don’t check into this blog very often and you have any questions or would like to check out my endeavor of “doing it myself” and hosting my own blog on a WordPress install, you have my personal invitation to do so. I appreciate all the visitors that wish to drop by and I will of course be willing to answer any questions you might have about this, that or the other thing.

    Anyway, here’s my main blog’ new address address: http://just-thinkin.net

    Feel free to stop by, coffee’s on.

    Oh, and before I forget, I like your blog…refreshingly different.

  6. Thank you for the explanation! I haven’t been posting much to my blogger blog because inserting pictures is so difficult! If you use their tool (insert image) than you can’t compose in WLW which I prefer using. Will give your directions a try. I appreciate your help 🙂

    A few snowflakes right now but nothing that will accumulate. Maybe it will be a mild winter, but even a mild one in Michigan still means snow!

    Will check out your new blog. Enjoy your Sunday.

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