Just Thinkin has moved.

So it’s been WordPress.com and 130 posts or so and now it’s time to move into my own WordPress install. Kinda’ like moving from an apartment into your first home which means all the problems of ownership (except at the server end of things) are now mine but on the other hand…I can fix them as well.

It also makes me free to mess things up as I see fit thus giving me badly needed training on what not to do when configuring my own blog site and for any readers I might have, a whole lot of laughs.

So for awhile I’ll put the first part of a new post here with a link to the new site and after the new site’s rank is back up I’ll stop doing that as well. This post will always be at the top.

Meanwhile, here’s the link to the new home of “Just Thinkin”:


All past post have already been transferred over but like in any move some things get left behind and as such, all the previous comments seem to have evaporated into thin virtual air. Such is life. Plenty of time for more comments on this, that, and the other thing.

Many thanks to WordPress.com for hosting this small portion of my life.

See ya’ at the new site.

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Sneak Peek!

Hello all.

I’ve got a secret…

If you want to know what it is…

Take a look over here (don’t fret now, it’s safe enough).

It’s not quite ready yet but I think it’s pretty cool.

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Ah…tis the morning and here I am bright tailed and bushy eyed. In fact, I was so full of lethargy energy this way too early AM, I practically fell leapt out of bed and staggered ran to the kitchen to put on the badly needed coffee. My eyes felt like they were filled with coffee grinds clear and open wide as I squinted looked out at the cold, gray, dreary, rainy bright, sunny morning thinking that all I wanted at that moment was to crawl back into bed and stay there until Spring rolled around again get to work and have a productive day.

Speaking of work…it’s getting late (as usual) and I must be off. Then again, I’m fairly “off” most of the time anyway but I still have to get to work. :-p

Everyone have a good day now.

Check out this post at the new site

Newest Hybrid (or bad genetic engineering)

Apparently there seems to have been some cross breeding (pollination?) gone awry or possibly some amateur genetic engineering going on in somebody’s basement but I received an email with a picture of the end results of this basement experimenting. Either that or the guys and gals at Burpee’s badly need a change of pace or perhaps a little something added to their morning Coffee.

Dog flowers.jpg

According to the owner, they only bloom in the spring. I guess my question would be:

Are they annuals or perennials?