Just Thinkin has moved.

So it’s been WordPress.com and 130 posts or so and now it’s time to move into my own WordPress install. Kinda’ like moving from an apartment into your first home which means all the problems of ownership (except at the server end of things) are now mine but on the other hand…I can fix them as well.

It also makes me free to mess things up as I see fit thus giving me badly needed training on what not to do when configuring my own blog site and for any readers I might have, a whole lot of laughs.

So for awhile I’ll put the first part of a new post here with a link to the new site and after the new site’s rank is back up I’ll stop doing that as well. This post will always be at the top.

Meanwhile, here’s the link to the new home of “Just Thinkin”:


All past post have already been transferred over but like in any move some things get left behind and as such, all the previous comments seem to have evaporated into thin virtual air. Such is life. Plenty of time for more comments on this, that, and the other thing.

Many thanks to WordPress.com for hosting this small portion of my life.

See ya’ at the new site.

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Sneak Peek!

Hello all.

I’ve got a secret…

If you want to know what it is…

Take a look over here (don’t fret now, it’s safe enough).

It’s not quite ready yet but I think it’s pretty cool.

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Long Meadow Farms website is moving!

Once again, it’s moving time but instead of moving the whole household across town like we did last year or her quilting business into an honest to goodness storefront in town this year, this time it’s her long standing www.longmeadowfarms.com website to a new host (BlueHost). Although this move may not involve a whole lot of back breaking labor, it does involve a whole lot of trepidation. This venerable website has been around for nearly ten years now (which is akin to saying the house we live in has been around for nearly 100 years now) and thrived for several years, been lost, got found, resuscitated and is well on it’s way up the ranks once again so it may be understandable why I feel like we’re handling some very fragile collectible that you definitely don’t want to drop. That’s me of course. I’m sure my honey thinks it’s just another walk in the park. After all, it’s not the first time it’s been moved but hopefully it’s the last.

Read the rest at the new site

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Long meadow Farms Quilts website temporarily down

Wouldn’t ya’ know.

Just at the start of the holiday season, our local ISP that hosts Laurie’s website, www.longmeadowfarms.com, suffered fire, smoke and water damage when the building next door burnt to the ground taking the server with her website along with it.

They have since replaced all their hosted websites with a default “This site is temporarily down” page and hopefully will have the sites (including Long Meadow Farms Quilts) back up and running by Monday the 9th or Tuesday the 10th at the latest when they get the new server rebuild completed. Before then we’ll try to have a better replacement page along with current info as to the “back online” status as soon as we can get an FTP client configured correctly.

We still have to find out if they are going to enable Frontpage extensions on the new server yet. This is a sticking point with us since she uses MS FrontPage to maintain and update her website.

Ah well,  all is not always smooth in the world of online business.

We’ll keep any of her customers that stop by here trying to find out what happened up to date as we get new info on the situation.

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A bit of stained glass

I’m always amazed how much my lady can accomplish in just a relatively short period of time. Once she tunes in on something she wants to do, stand back and watch things happen and so it has been with her new addition of stained glass items to her Long Meadow Farms quilt shop and website.

I was planning on throwing some more pics of her newest creations here but I realized it would be all that easier (and efficient) just to add a link to her new stained glass page she added to her Long Meadow Farms website (must be gettin’ lazy in my old age or smarter. I can’t tell).

More quilts have been coming out of her workshop as well. How she does all these things and maintains the high standards and quality that she insists upon is beyond me but, I swear, she makes it look easy, but I’ve been around long enough to know that there’s a lot of effort put forth.

The only drawback of all her hard work is that the host for her website keeps complaining that she’s using up too much space with all her images and needs to upgrade to her storage.

Well, someone always has to complain don’t they?

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Second stained glass panel

My “Long Meadow Farm” lady recently completed her second stained glass panel from an idea she had just a few days before (she thinks of something and a few days later it’s done…amazing). Just like when she makes her quilts, she saves all the left over pieces that she believes are viable and uses them later on in yet another completely different creation and although the creation may not be made up of all the left overs, a good amount of them end up being sewn, or soldered in this case, into the final product.

This time I believe it was just one long rectangular piece that actually gave her the idea but I could be wrong. She’s the one with the talent and as far as I’m concerned, when it comes to being an artist it’s a good thing I know how to run a table saw.

The camera doesn’t do it justice.

Another beautiful piece from Long Meadow Farms quilts.

Now if we can only figure out how to ship all these stained glass items without having them break on the way.

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