Beep Beep Boop

Testing out the new post editor after reading some of the comments on it here and there on WWW and I do have to admit the “beep beep boop” loading logo is rather silly and to be honest about it, rather childish as well. However, the initial load time of this new editor was less than 3 seconds contrary to what has been said by indicated by various users.

I also included an image since folks were complaining about the new way images were inserted and edited. So far I see nothing different about image insertion and/or editing that I have seen in the self hosted version of WordPress (currently at 4.1.1) that powers my old site.

demotivation-apple-duo core I’ve already saved a few drafts and the time from clicking on the “Save Draft” button at the bottom of the editor and the time for the editor to be ready again was less than 3 seconds so overall I see no real difference between the speed of the “classic editor” vs the new fangled one. Otherwise, I can see where the interface of the new editor has been “streamlined” I’d guess they’d call it? I’m sure others might say it was dumbed down as well. For myself, the jury is still out since I do all my “blogging” to my 9 year old self hosted WordPress powered blog which still retains the “classic” version of the editor. I can’t say I dislike the new interface though. On first use it’s strangely appealing but maybe I’m just getting older and prefer things to be more simple and less distracting/complicated than they use to be.

Either way, the “beep beep boop” has definitely got to go. Unless the WordPress devs have suddenly developed a craving to cater to 12 year olds. 😉